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'Recently Alia, Baraa and I went out at night together and we asked Allah if he could help us with money. And if he could end the war.'


For two years now I have lived together with my family in this camp, but I don't like it very much. In the winter the water comes into our tents and everything is soaked and dirty. And in the summer it is far too hot and there are very scary snakes slithering around. I am so very scared of them.


Alia, Baraa and Nijameh

But still this camp is better than where we lived in Syria. We lived near Damascus and there were bombs being dropped on our neighborhood Ghouta. In one of the attacks my twin brother was killed. He was just playing outside at the wrong moment. I am still very sad about this; who does something like that?

I also have two older brothers but they have been missing for two years. They were probably kidnapped and are now working in the army of the Syrian regime. We don't know but we have never heard anything from them again. I miss all three of my brothers very much.






We gave our Facebook-friends the opportunity to be part of our conversations by posting questions. Nijameh answers the question of John: Do children still dream big dreams? And if so, what are those dreams? (39 sec) 





Two years ago we decided to flee but the army would not let us pass any checkpoints headed towards Damascus. We then slept for two days on the street by that checkpoint, in the open air. After two days there was a soldier who took pity on us and secretly let us pass. By way of a long trip and people we knew we ended up here in this camp.

What I missed most here right away were my friends and my school. That is why together with Baraa, a girl who lives here too, we started our own school. This school is open every day from 9 until 12. Usually I do the first session for the older children and Baraa does the second session with the younger children. 

Children coming back from the school

Today we left the children go early because we are allowed to follow a religious course at a nearby school. Everything we learn there this afternoon we will use tonight in preparing tomorrow’s lesson plans for the children.

Recently Alia, Baraa and I went out at night together and we asked Allah if he could help us with money. And if he could end the war. Because otherwise it will never stop. Personally I don't see the difficulty of stop fighting. 

I still keep hoping that we can return to Syria soon; I even hope to do that this summer. 






After telling her story Nijameh     also answers the question of Chris: Is there anything you like about living in  a camp? (30 sec). Zeif plays a role in the film. 





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