Jacqueline Lampe asks:  Satouf, what do you miss the most? (47 sec)


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We gave our Facebook-friends the opportunity to be part of our conversations by posting questions for the people we've met.

The answers to these questions can be found in one-take video's.


Johan Eleveld asks: Franssia, what do you think your life will look like 5 years from now? (42 sec)


Liedewij Loorbach asks: Iyman, do you have a thing that you already owned 5 years ago? (66 sec)


Atalwin Pilon asks: Affaf, what gives you strength? What are you proud of? (51 sec)


Mies van Steensel asks: Baraa, do children get any form of education? (42 sec)


Niels Tijthoff asks: Abu Badwi, how can we be of any help at the moment? (26 sec)


John Prins asks: Nijameh, do children still dream big dreams? (39 sec)


Arash Yaqin asks: Jassem, do you still believe in God? (38 sec)


Francine van der Lee asks: Shabi, what do you miss from home? (28 sec)


Atalwin Pilon asks: Bashar, what gives you strength? (23 sec)


Roos van Graas asks: Faisal, is there anything left you are grateful for? (22 sec)


Gerald Naber asks: Iyman, do you agree with the fact that we are filming or would you like us to do something else? (49 sec)


Chris de Bode asks: Nijameh, is there anything you like about living in a camp? (30 sec)


Jacqueline Lampe asks: Bashar, what is your biggest dream? (30 sec)


Sidney Volmer asks: Wassim and Ana, who's the best Dutch football player? (53 sec)


Francine van der Lee asks: Franssia, what do you miss the most? (36 sec)


Mies van Steensel asks: Dabha, how do you prepare a meal with minimal recourses? (48 sec)


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