At the end of 2016 the figures in the Netherlands revealed a positive development: The economy and employment opportunities were on the rise, the healthcare system was number 1 in all of Europe, crime figures were down and the youth have become better behaved.

Yet social media and television programs are full of discussions in which people are convinced that things have never been so bad before in the country.

This contrast served as my motivation to drive 3200 kilometers in my car to every nook and cranny of the Netherlands. In search of kitchens tables and cafés, a strong cup of coffee and a good conversation about life in our country in the year 2017.

I had 3 questions in my bag: What do you need from society to feel good? What do you contribute? And…what would you change if you were the boss of the Netherlands?

I have bundled the answers in a letter with tips and suggestions for the government, but also with a letter to ourselves, the citizens of this country.


The entire project can be seen on www.nederlandonederland.nl