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'Our daughter Rima has never been in Syria.'

A wedding in Syria lasts for three days and three nights. With the traditional Dabke dance and a lot of food. But this most important day in our life turned out very differently for us.


Members from the Free Syrian Army were encamped in our village and the regime was about to bomb them along with our village. This is why my marriage to my cousin Jassem (20) was one without a party but with a lot of fear. The mood was depressing.

The camp

A week later our fears became reality. Every day there were bombings in the area and the gunfire came closer. My new husband decided to go to Lebanon along with a good friend to arrange a place for us. Although we lived close to the Lebanese border it now took an entire day to reach the border instead of few hours it normally took before. There were road blocks and checkpoints everywhere, and the car broke down as well. Happily they were able to continue on in another car. At a camp in Lebanon he arranged a tent for the entire family. Then he went back to Syria to pick us up.






We gave our Facebook-friends the opportunity to be part of our conversations by posting questions. Husband Jassem answers the question from Arash: Do you still believe in God?



The toy of Rima in the sleeping room

We are now living here with his parents and brothers and sisters who all have children of their own. Yes, it is very crowded. After three years of camping out here I would really like to go back. Our daughter Rima has never been in Syria. And I would really like to celebrate our marriage once again, this time with a party.

Our best memory comes from our childhood. Jassem and I were playing together and were outside a lot. In my childish perception there were no worries then and Hamah was a beautiful place. But I will have to ask my parents if that was really true.








Affaf answers the question of Atalwin: What are you proud of?