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Every summer thousands of tourists come to the Greek island of Lesbos to celebrate their holidays. This summer there was an extra group present: the refugees arriving from Turkey by rubber boats as they entered the European Union. 

Philip Brink and I created a setting where we let both groups sit together and talk on a park bench overlooking the sea. The result can be seen in a documentary of 22 minutes.

The entire project and film can be seen on www.theislandofalltogether.com



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Screenings on UN Headquarters New York (US), Nieuwmarkt (NL), Traverse City Festival (US), AFI Docs Washington (US), TED X Youth Zurich (CH). 

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TV and radio: De Grens bereikt (NL), Serious Request (NL), Onder ons (NL), UN Radio (US). The entire list can be seen here.

Winner Zilveren Camera (NL), Innovative Journalism