Bashar (14) from a village in the surroundings of Aleppo.
Husein Mohamad (38) with his wife Dabha and son Zakria from Chara
Satouf al Mohamad (51) from Hamah
The TV in the tent of Satouf
Seif el Dine Domarani (10, left)
Abed Al Karim Mohamad from village near Hamah (4, on the right)
Abou Badwi (48) from Homs
Baraa Aantar (10) from Damascus
Rima's toy, daughter of Affaf and Jassem
Goroub (4), one of the daughters of Satouf.
The sons and daughter of Iyman, who were killed in the Syrian war.
Wassim Mamo (18, left) and Shabi (17) from Tell Nasri
Faisal from Jarabulus / Kobane
Iyman Kino (63) from Aleppo
Affaf Al Mohammad (20) from Hamah
One of the many camps in the Bekaa Valley
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