Since 10 years I travel in assignment for UNICEF Netherlands. We have focused on topics like education, HIV/AIDS, maternal mortality landmine victims and children of refugees in countries such as Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Colombia, Zambia, Jordania and Niger. Each trip I come home with around 150 usable images, ranging from staged portraits (for the campaign) to reportages (for their magazine/website/DM letters and other types of communication).

Advertisement agency CCCP asked me to do the photography for the Brandbook of Keune Haircosmetics. For this assignment I travelled to Chicago, Moscow, Basel, Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam. The project was produced from Amsterdam by an external producer. Besides taking photos, I also interviewed the hairdressers, recordings of which I sent to a writer who wrote a piece on it in Dutch. 

Design collective CO3 asked me to photograph 30 landscapes for an assignment commissioned by the Ministry. Together with an external producer I sought out the places to photograph, among which were tug boats in Rotterdam and a drilling platform in the North Sea. The Department used the pictures for the National Water Plan (book).




Advertisement company FHV BBDO asked me to take nine portraits at Schiphol International Airport for their campaign 'Where else'. Because they wanted real travellers, I did a casting of visitors at the airport who I then photographed immediately, without styling or make-up. An external producer assisted with the administrative side; we finished the job in two days.

Reuters asked me to make a reportage about a Dutch street football player. As a fly on the wall, I went with him to a training, his house, his favorite food restaurant, and met his friends. The photos will be used for Microsoft Xbox.

Headoffice, in collaboration with the VU Medical Center Amsterdam, asked me to photograph for its magazine for cancer patients. I took portraits of doctors but also of families affected by the disease.

For clothing brand O'Neill I took three portraits of famous athletes, shot on mountain tops. For this, I travelled to Spain and Switzerland together with the art director of O'Neill.

For ING Bank, I took several portraits of their employees. I put up a small set down the hall where the employees were photographed in about ten minutes. The pictures were used for their own magazine.


Organizations like AMREF Flying DoctorsKLM Air CaresAIDS fondsCARE International and Rutgers WPF hire me to make reportages and portraits for them. With them, I've travelled to countries such as Colombia, Zambia, Malawi, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Uganda, Suriname, Benin and Liberia.

UTZ Certified, a company who has a trademark for fair-trade coffee, cocoa and tea, asked me to shoot 30 staged photos for their new campaign. We flew to India, Ghana and Colombia. Together with Monique from UTZ and art director Ralph we produced the photos on the spot.

The magazine of the National Police asked me to tag along for a couple of nights with the policemen of Urk, a fishermans village in the Netherlands. As a fly on the wall, I made reportage of their work. I accompanied them to a car that had landed in the ditch and went along in the pubs of Urk.

ELLE Magazine asked me to make a series of costume parties in Amsterdam. They arranged access, I went out alone. After seven long nights partying I produced a reportage that was published on 8 pages.