Bodybuilder working out in a gym on Kerada, bodybuilding in recent years became increasingly popular in Baghdad.
 Khduer just two days before his gastric bypass surgery.
 Young cameraman Firas in from of the bombed house of his uncle, his neighbor.
 Sisters in Zawra Park
  Remains of a house after a bomb, aimed at the hotel next door, accidently fell on the house instead.
  Entertainer in Zawra Park.
 A bride in the beauty parlor.
 21 year old Baghdadi journalist Maryam
  Blast walls in a residential area in Baghdad.
  Fresh juice bar Meshmisha on the popular shopping street Kerada is always packed with families on summer evenings.
 Boys at the 3D-theatre
 Young Baghdadi girl, who just got engaged
 The young niece of Mustafa, who only wanted to be photographed in her best dress.
  Boys at a swimming pool at one of the fish restaurants between the river Tigris en the busy Abu Nawas street.
 The big wheel in Zawra Park. Baghdadi families like to come here during the weekend.
 Mustafa with his mum and dad.
 The 'green zone' where the embassy's are located.
  Blast walls in the city centre of Baghdad.       
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